Breathing space.

Took a break, a breather, unplugged,

Read the stars, swam in the magic of words. 

Walked amongst trees and sat by the seas.

Let the rain wash my soul as the wind dried my tears.

Solitude gentled,perhaps nearly mended.

 For now…


Tethered by grief.



Trapped beneath a dark grey sky.
Tethered by grief, unable to fly.
Waiting for the light to banish the night.
Wishing for wings to enable flight.
An outstretched hand, a tentative smile
A meeting of minds closes the miles.
One simple word can make a start.
One gentle kiss might heal the heart


The first shaky steps of a toddler.

The shy quiet walk of the child.

The stride of teenage angst.

The exuberant speed of college years.

The hesitant knock on the doors of work.

The confident stalk of skills learnt.


Then the world spins, changes, takes us with it.

Insecurity follows as opinions oppose.

Opposition grows as hatred flows.

Reason cries and hope dies.

Voices rise in protest.

Gathering strength.


 Then we look in the mirror.

Grey faced, worried eyes.

A slow halting walk.

Age makes us.